Want to take your Krav Maga to the next level? Then you want consider what Invictus has to offer. A complete package of Krav Maga and MMA training… making for a more complete fighting practitioner with opportunities to test the effectiveness of your self defence and fighting skills.


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If Carlsberg did Krav Maga, it would be Invictus Krav Maga.
Imagine a Krav Maga membership with a choice of classes to learn the principles and techniques of Krav Maga. Add a class to put those learnings into practice… at maximum intensity and full contact survival mode. If that’s not enough, how about a choice of weekly classes to cross train in kickboxing, boxing and wrestling. Training multiple disciplines 5 nights week!
We believe fundamentals are just that… FUNDAMENTALS. They should make up the bedrock of your self defence which is what we created with Carpe Diem Krav Maga. The mindset we adopt when learning Krav Maga is to attack the attacker, not wait to defend then attack. With that in mind we believe combat skills are an integral part of an effective Krav Maga practitioner which why we have partnered with one of the country’s premier MMA fighting camps in the UK: Prize Fighters. Housing fighters and champions at Bellator, Superkombat and UCMMA, they provide the complete array of MMA fighting disciplines. As an Invictus member, you’ll be able to supplement your Krav Maga training with combat disciplines from today’s MMA world.
Cross training in this fashion makes for a more complete Krav Maga practitioner…. this is something we put to the test in our Krav Maga combat class. We always remind our students of the lines between reality and sport, however we do that with intensity and safety in mind.
Krav Maga + Kickboxing + Boxing + Wrestling + Combat = Invictus Combat

Learn the fundamentals of boxing. Hone in your techniques and combinations with tested pad drills. This no-sparring class will focus on footwork, movement and effective striking. Essential combat skills which prepare you for sparring sessions and more importantly real-life situations.


Add depth to your combat skills by learning mma-based kickboxing. Learn how to add a variety of kicks to your punching combinations through simulation drills and pad-work. This hugely popular class will get you fighting fit, ready for anything.


We don’t like to take fights to the ground in Krav Maga, but sometimes it happens… and when it does you need to know how to handle it and how to get out of it. Enhance your ground fighting tactics with 90-minute weekly classes of freestyle wrestling.


Test your Krav Maga techniques at higher levels of intensity and escalation points. Our 2-hour combat Krav Maga class involves advanced methods of training, advanced syllabus techniques, full contact sparring against multiple attackers and survival cardio workouts.

Suleman Raja – Head Coach

Sul has trained in martial arts since the age of 8, starting with Karate and moving on to Muay Thai and Kickboxing at the age of 13 years old. He achieved his black belt in kickboxing whilst competing at the highest levels… winning titles for the Southern Area and British Muay Thai Championships as well becoming British Kickboxing champion.

He also holds more than a decade of experience in shootfighting, BJJ and freestyle Wrestling. Suleman is passionate about teaching every aspect of MMA from the ground up, and will always be found at the corners of his fighters whether novices or professionals.

Lyubo Kumbarov – Wrestling Coach

Lyubo trained extensively at the top sports school in Sofia, Bulgaria and went on to win four national titles as a cadet and junior. He won a full sports scholarship to go to Colby College in the United States where he competed regularly at the highest level. A formidable athlete and wrestler, he has extensive knowledge of single leg and double leg take downs and an exceptional leg defence. He is passionate about freestyle wrestling and his enthusiasm for the technical details make his classes extremely interesting. At 75 kilos, he often proves that technique and the application of technical pressure will overcome strength alone.

Apart from becoming 4-time Bulgarian national freestyle wrestling champion, Lyubo was named the Outstanding Wrestler in Iowa Central 2006, winning the division at the National Duals in Cedar Falls. He took second place at the Rocky Mountains Nationals in Denver, Colorado, 2007 whilst fighting above his weight division… also East Coast National Champion in Long Island, New York.


Lyubo, Roger Gracie’s wrestling coach shows takedowns from underhook control.


Dawid Zoltaszek vs Cristian Ristea title rematch at Superkombat in Madrid.

Experience a typical Carpe Diem Krav Maga class. Get to know our friendly club members and understand the principles we follow when teaching. Seize the moment and find out for yourself.

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